Hi! I’m Kimmie. I deliver messages through art. I am a Divinely guided Spirit Energy Artist, Psychic Medium, and Divine Angel channeler.

hi, i'm kimmie

I doodle sketch portraits in Light Language Art of Spirit Energies of your loved ones that are in the spirit world and also of those that are still here in a physical body, but are not present in the room or anywhere near us, during the time of the drawing. Oftentimes, I have drawn people that my clients haven’t met yet in the physical , but the soul of the portrait I sketch is actually vibrating within their aura space or energy field, in the quantum field, and at some point in time would end up meeting in the future. I feel like it would literally be impossible for me to draw an image of a person’s spirit energy unless that person’s spirit energy was already vibrating within that person’s energy field. I’m not that kind of artist. I doodle….I can’t just look at an image of someone and duplicate the face and even though it would be great to have the ability to do so…I am so grateful that I don’t because it makes the process so much more authentic for me. 

Started offering my drawings to others

Started to see other dimensions spiritual beings , energy field, orbs

Struggled with speaking from brain injury, isolated myself

Had a near death experience from a car accident

Very intuitive and spiritual since birth; Dad started taking me to psychics at age ten

my journey


One of the many things I’ve realized over the years through my experience of the kind of artwork that I do, 

 If you are here now and have found my page, you’ve been Divinely guided to be here. Your soul is always communicating with you. It tells you where it wants to go by making you aware of your interests, your desires, and what feels good to you. Follow the things that you feel passionate about. Synchronicities are Divine guidance, messages, and direct communication from The Universe.

The messages that I deliver are from your Higher self, your Divine Angels, Archangels, guides, ancestors, higher vibrational benevolent beings, and from your loved ones in the spirit realm. They all love you so much! You are never ever alone, not even for a moment.

We are Divine consciousness. We are Energy. We are telepathic, electromagnetic, multidimensional spiritual beings. Our minds are a receiver. Our physical bodies are portals for the Divine Universe to flow through us unrestricted.

There is no such thing as coincidences.

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Our Chakras are vortexes of swirling energy and light. Our Auras are our energy fields and look like one huge giant sparkler on the fourth of July… real sparks are literally falling to the ground but not catching fire. It’s sooo beautiful. It’s so amazing. Our soul is a beautiful bright solid ball of white light that floats and bounces around above our heads in a circular motion leaving a trail. Our soul is what actually makes our physical body FEEL solid…like physical. Our soul is what makes us feel like we are in a body. Spirit who is no longer in a physical body doesn’t feel any different from when it did in the physical, It’s just like being invisible, but SuperHuman. We travel as fast as a thought. Our soul is in constant communication with us downlading information into our minds through telepathy. We are so much more than you could ever imagine.

Our souls definitely communicate with each other on a soul level way before we even communicate or meet in the physical. The Universe definitely has this way of bringing us together that's really magical. I know this to be true because of the countless self realization experiences that I’ve had over the years. I've seen it happening with my own eyes, and again, through the experience that I have of creating the artwork that I do.

From my perspective, Spirit Energy Art is a form of Light Language that are Divine symbolic codes that are meant to awaken and activate dormant DNA helping you to begin to heal and repair your body, awakens and activates Divine spiritual gifts and psychic abilities within ourselves. Light Language isn’t always meant to be translated into words or the english language, but is meant to connect with you by speaking directly to your soul beyond logical thinking, which not only helps you to raise your own frequency and vibration to a much higher level of consciousness, but also helps raise the frequency and vibration of everyone else around you within your field as well all others on the planet as a collective on a quantum level. It’s Divine source energy. Light Language codes help you access the ability to intuitively channel information straight from source, clearing away any and all blocks or fears that may have been preventing you from living a life more authentically true to that in which your higher self desires for the highest good of yourself and the highest good of others.

It’s really important to me that we all know who and what we are so we can realize that we are nothing but significant! That we are all amazing and we all have gifts! It’s important to me that people realize we are so much more that we could ever possibly imagine and I feel it’s time we all start living life how we are all meant to and created to! 

Emotions are energies in motion. 

xoxo, kimmie

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