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She is special!

 I had a beautiful reading with Kimmie at the Psychics & Healing Arts Fair in Carlsbad. I’ve never done anything like this before so I had no idea. Kimmie was super gracious and kind. The reading made us both cry. I felt a safe space to be vulnerable and allow her to connect with my energy and my loved ones. She is special and I recommend anyone to try a session with her."


truly amazing

Met Kimmie when she came into my hair salon one afternoon. She stopped in the salon for a haircut and we started to talk as hairdressers do. Having never met her before, I soon learned that she possessed a unique gift , that of channeling the other side, meaning the ability to communicate with deceased people. A bit curious, I asked her if she could read me, she agreed and began to sketch. Several months before I met Kimmie, my 41 year old son passed away. He was the father of two young boys. When Kimmie was finished with the sketch, she had a picture of my son’s two young boys. Truly amazing I felt he was very close. "

-erica b.

She is such a bright light

Kimmie is the best! She did a reading and drawing for me and instantly she was confirming things for me. She drew my grandmother that passed away several years back and it got me emotional because I knew who she was speaking of but I wanted her to finish her reading. It was such a beautiful reading and drawing. I told everyone how great Kimmie is! She is such a bright light and I am grateful for her messages. Thank you, Kimmie! "


Kimmie has a truly unique talent

and innate ability to tap into subtle realms of consciousness to bring fourth very specific psychic impressions and information unique to every client she works with.
Everyone at the show was amazed at how she was able to access this information as artistic impressions and drawings providing deep insight and often profound guidance. Don’t miss the chance to work with her if you have the opportunity."

-timothy b.

Kimmie’s artwork is brilliant and intuitive. 

She is a clear channel for energy and her messages jump onto the page. Every little detail has so much meaning and guidance to share. "

-linda w.

such a kind hearted, spiritual individual

I was sitting in court with my homeless daughter 2 years ago. Kimmie was with me. She started drawing and said, “ Your mother is coming through to me”. My mom has been gone since 1973. She was sketching my mom and I didn’t understand the hair. She kept seeing all these tight curls. I laughed because my mom always pin curled her hair, something Kimmie has never seen being so young. The sketch she drew was my mom and brought me great comfort in this very trying time for me. She has a spiritual connection I believe is because she is such a kind hearted spiritual individual. I've known Kimmie for 20 years and she’s always there for me. God bless her. "

-alison d.

Kimmie’s reading was heartfelt and very meaningful in my life today. 

 Her image of my husband was eerily similar to how he looked and his message was clear and defined. It was a pleasure to have Kimmie do this reading for me."


she's a sweetheart!

I’ve had two drawings done by Kimmie that were great! She’s a sweetheart and I always look forward to seeing her and getting another drawing!"


an extremely artistic talent

I wanted to say that Kimmie is thorough and has an extremely artistic talent. She has a way with her descriptions and connections to the spiritual realm that resonates with her clients."